About Shooble

Shooble was founded with the idea that complex processes can be handled much easier and more efficiently using innovative and modern techniques. With our first product, Shooble Office, which was initially aimed at temporary employment agencies, we received enormous attention since 2008 by introducing ‘scheduling based on availability’. Whereas temping agencies still hardly used online communication, and all temporary workers had to be contacted by phone several times a day to complete the personnel planning, Shooble introduced a platform where employees could indicate when they were available. This was and still is such an efficient step that the licensing costs of Shooble can be almost completely eliminated against the savings of telephone and staff costs. And that is just one of the many innovative features that Shooble offers.

After more than 10 years of knowledge and experience in the world of personnel scheduling, we are convinced that we can make an important contribution to the implementation of this. Our dedicated international team of enthusiastic and experienced employees work every day to improve our products and to give the users of Shooble the best possible experience.

We believe that in addition to working hard, there is also room to enjoy your work. That is why, in addition to functionality, we also focus on the visualization of our products. Shooble remains a software solution but we do everything we can to make Shooble an extension of you instead of being yet another software solution.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We are all different but together we work as a close-knit team to make Shooble the best product. Everyone is equal, we listen to all opinions and can build on each other. We are convinced that with this culture we can bring out the best in each one of us. To perform is important but also to celebrate all successful steps of our company.

Stefan van de Rijt
Maurice Koch

Marit van den Berg
Danny Jacobs

Legal & Finance
Diana-Mihaela Catinas
Wendy Ling

Shanna van Gelooven

Andrei Arba
Oana Vlad
Sorin Pop
Stefan Ivanciuc
Amalia Crisan
Vlad Coroiu
Catalina Galis
Corina Cucicea

Design & Branding
Bogdan Pop
Kyah van Diepstraten

Company details

Shooble International B.V.
Avenue Ceramique 221
6221 KX Maastricht
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 70641528

Shooble Netherlands B.V.
Avenue Ceramique 221
6221 KX Maastricht
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 70641471